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Our Patriot Ancestors


The following men sacrificed their lives and fortunes to fight for the freedoms we enjoy today.

We honor their legacy through our membership in the Molly Reid Chapter.

Patriot State Spouse
Joseph Bancroft Massachusetts Elizabeth Temple
Daniel Boone Virginia Rebecca Bryan
Aaron Boorum Pennsylvania Mary Lane
Basil Brooke, MD Pennsylvania None
Jacob Brown North Carolina Mary Armfield
James Calder Massachusetts Agnes Boise/Boies
Ebenezer Carpenter New Hampshire Prudence Carter
Thomas Chaffee Connecticut Mary May
John Chamberlin New Hampshire Eunice Edson
Daniel Collins New Hampshire Mary Tewkesbury
Daniel Collins New Hampshire Polly Tufts
Zachariah Connell New Hampshire Rebecca Rice
Robert Cone Connecticut Sarah Cook
Jabez Dame New Hampshire (First) Tibbetts, (Second) Maribah Emery
Carleton Dudley Massachusetts Abigail Wilson
Jacob Ellsworth Virginia Hannah
Miles Flint Massachusetts Susannah Pilsbury
Amos Flood New Hampshire Hannah Kimball
David Hammond New Hampshire Hannah Eastman
Joseph Hawes Massachusetts Hannah Fisher
Amos Langdon/Lankton Massachusetts Abigail Rockwood
Benajah Lockwood Rhode Island Abby Webb
Thomas May Massachusetts Eunice Brooks
Nathaniel Morgan Virginia Margaret
Henry Oldaker, Sr. Virginia Elinor Bordon
John Oldaker Virginia Martha
Simeon Rawson Massachusetts Anna Holden
James Reed/Reid Pennsylvania Ann
William Reed New Hampshire Priscilla Emery
Joseph Roberts Massachusetts Esther Hamlin
Joseph Rutter Massachusetts Eunice Maynard
Nathan Smith Massachusetts Sarah Pike
John Stone Massachusetts Lucy Fletcher
Daniel Story Massachusetts Ruth Burhnam
John Wagner Virginia Margaret Bonnett
Charles Walker New Hampshire Eunice Berry
Silas White Massachusetts Bethiah Washburn
John Wilson New Hampshire Agnes Grimes